To be a Deacon is to be of service to God’s people through Charity, the Liturgy and the proclamation of the Word. God has blessed me with many gifts that I hope to bring to the Diaconal Ministry. It is clear that I serve God best when serving His people, especially the ‘least of my brothers’. In Scripture, Jesus tells us that He is ‘the way, the truth, and the life’. As Deacon, I shall strive to show people His way, proclaim the truth and to the best of my ability, be a living example of Christ to others. I am excited to uncover what God has in store for me in the continuing phases of this ministry and spiritual journey. I am energized by the prospect of meeting new people and working with them in diverse situations and circumstances. My Wife Laura and I began journeying together in our spiritual growth since before we were married. With the grace of God, we welcome this lifelong journey that we are making together.”

Personal Profile

Deacon John Manera and his wife Laura have been married for forty-three years and after the tragic loss of two children and three miscarriages, have been blessed with two surviving children, William and Anna.

Deacon John Manera was ordained in October 2012 and holds diplomas from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Pastoral Ministry and Diaconal Studies. Additionally, Deacon John is a certified Marian Catechist. He is currently assigned to St. Joseph Parish in Lake Orion Michigan.

Professionally, he recently retired from Dell Technologies where he served the Information Technology industry for over forty years. John was as Field Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Dell. His expertise is in leadership and being a trusted adviser guiding people and businesses through complex information systems architectures and emerging technologies.

With a strong desire to share the faith he has developed many seminars and talks focused on marriage, integrating pro-life Christian values, family survival and spiritual leadership in today’s humanistic world. These subjects have been the focus of various speaking engagements at parishes, Marian Conferences as well various Men’s conferences in the Archdiocese of Detroit.